Motoring Ventures – Driving Value™

What's & Why?

What’s in a Name?

motoring (definition)

\mo”tor*ing\, a. pertaining to motor cars or automobiles, or to the technology of such.

venture (definition)

\ven cher\, n. a business enterprise involving some risk in expectation of gain.

Why Auto and Powersports?

Sizable markets

Combined, the business sectors within our automobile and motorcycle industry focus make up an over $500 billion market. These sectors are diverse, consumer-driven, global and growing. Global demand for personal mobility, individual vehicles, commercial vehicles and their associated products, technologies and services continues to rise.

Drive towards sustainability; rising fuel prices

The drive for energy independence and concerns over climate change have resulted in the creation of new technologies and unique business opportunities in the automobile and powersports industries. The debate over the “best” alternative energy for transportation persists - electricity, biofuels, natural gas, etc. Some businesses going after these market opportunities will succeed, and many will not. Companies that offer innovative solutions that improve efficiency, satisfy the customer, and make commercial sense will win in the marketplace.

Enthusiasts around the world

The number of automobile and powersports enthusiasts continues to grow in developed and emerging markets around the world. This interest is further fueled by traditional media, social media, and events including: track days, action motorsports, classic car auctions, and urban car and motorcycle shows. Passion for motor vehicles is here to stay.